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Wired remote control for linkDQ — control bass level from your front seat

Provides a strong clean signal

Your aftermarket processors and amplifiers need strong and clean input signals, whether getting them from RCA outputs or speaker outputs. Wāvtech’s linkDQ processor can produce up to 10 volts of output in either scenario. It acts as a line driver using its RCA inputs or as a line output converter using the speaker-level inputs. Even better, this device features a low-frequency parametric EQ that allows you to pinpoint any weaknesses in your vehicle’s bass response.

Works with factory amps

Those speaker-level inputs can handle up to 40 volts, the equivalent of 400 watts, so you can use one in a premium system with a factory amplifier. This way you retain all your vehicle’s factory audio options and warnings when you’re installing an aftermarket amplifier. The linkDQ’s gain control and clip light help you keep the signal level under control and distortion-free.

Parametric EQ

You love bass, but your system just doesn’t quite have the low-frequency punch you’re looking for. The linkDQ’s parametric EQ allows you to access any frequency centerpoint between 30 and 80 Hz, then boost that frequency range to maximize your bass quality. Wāvtech offers a wired remote (not included) so you can control the bass from the driver’s seat.


Product highlights:

  • active 2-channel line driver/output converter
  • designed to work with aftermarket and factory systems
  • parametric bass EQ: 0-12 dB at 30-80 Hz
  • optional wired remote level control (Item 241LiNKRC)
  • provides up to 10Vrms output
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs
    • selectable speaker-level input sensitivity (20V or 40V) via internal jumper
  • auto turn-on via DC offset or audio detect
  • gain control and clip light
More Info:
  • 12-volt turn-on lead output
  • speaker-level inputs feature load resistance to prevent factory stereo shut-down
  • optional plug-in parallel load resistors available for vehicles like some newer Chrysler vehicles that need less resistance for the factory stereo’s load-sensing to work
  • wiring, fuse, and hardware not included with device
    • 18-gauge power and ground leads and a 1-amp fuse recommended
  • dimensions (not including terminals and jacks): 3.5″W x 1.1″H x 2.9″D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    Control your bass

    Wāvtech’s linkDQ processor gives you a parametric EQ and a remote output for controlling your bass. This linkRC remote plugs into your linkDQ, giving you the ability to control bass level from the driver’s seat.

    Product highlights: