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This is our YXZ UnderGlow kit. It comes with 4 long fender wrap pieces, 1 each for all four corners (although the front has two pieces they are connected one piece), 2 lower rear frame pieces, and a 2 piece grill. The Grill is specific to model years and must be ordered directly through us to fit. The 2016-2017 cars have a different front plastic in the center as well as the radiator setup being different in the newer cars. The newer models will have a custom rear piece to light up inside the bed and the hood scoop. All of the leds In this kit and anything else you want to add to it is controlled by our custom control box. Our control box is custom built and includes a 300 function remote control, a Bluetooth control (with red, white, and blue diy), our brake interrupt for the whips, and a 2 way switch pre wired to cycle between the two control. All this is installed with 2 power wires and a tap into a brake wire. This kit is $474.98

The headlight halos are $145.60

Whips are generally 6 foot at $344.98 a pair. 


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 4 × 3 in

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