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The Elite Series line up of Amplifiers step it up a notch from our Signature Series line. Upgraded power, upgraded look, same reliability and water resistance. With a Water Resistant (IP67) rating your amplifier will stay safe in the elements.
The tremendous power these amplifiers push will be the perfect base for your new stereo or upgrade to existing stereo. All amps come with EZ connectors to make the install plug and play as well as serviceable. These amps come equipped with clipping indicators to help preserve the life of your entire audio system. Grab your amp today and one up your buddies with this industry leading amplifier!
  • IRS full class D technology offers efficiency and performance
  • Designed specifically for power sport or marine applications
  • Top tuning control access
  • Conformal coated and waterproof to withstand outdoor elements
  • Ultra-compact size for easy installation
  • Surface mount component technology
  • Audio precision quality control verification
  • Stable and reliable four-layer PCB trace layout
  • Power, protection, and clipping LED indicators
  • Short circuit, thermal, high/low voltage protection
  • Excellent signal to noise and FM noise rejection


  • RMS Power Output at 1 Ohm: N/A
  • RMS Power Output at 2 Ohm: 250w x 4CH
  • RMS Power Output at 4 Ohm: 150w x 4CH
  • RMS Power Output at 4 Ohm Bridged: 500w x 2CH
  • Crossover Range: 40-400Hz
  • Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
  • Water Resistant IP67 Certified
  • Conformal Coated PCB Certified
  • Dimensions: 9.86” x 4.41” x 1.89”