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Style and Strength in One Bumper
Your Maverick X3 is sleek and powerful, which is why you need a front bumper to match. SuperATV’s X3 Winch Ready Front Bumper gives your headlights and plastic bodywork complete front-end protection while also providing a winch mounting plate and tow clevises. It’s style, strength, and utility all in one.

Heavy-Duty Steel for Strength
This bumper may look small, but it can handle big hits. We use 1.75” diameter heavy-duty steel tubing and 1/8” steel plates in its construction. The internal winch mounting plate is made of thicker 1/4” steel to make sure it can handle heavy winching.

ARMW and Endcaps for Longevity
The lower plating is reinforced with 1/2” ARMW. This high-strength, abrasion-resistant plastic is a proprietary blend of UHMW so you can ride fast and low and let the brush guard deflect boulders and branches. To finish it off, we reinforced our tubes with stylish machined endcaps. They make your machine look good and protect the most vulnerable part of the bumper from dents and scratches.

Winch Mount + Tow Hooks = Versatility
This bumper is winch-ready with an internal winch mounting plate. Mount any SuperATV Winch and save your buddies skin. The built-in tow clevises mean you can tow—or be towed—easily. It’s the utility belt you need when you’re out on the trail just you, your UTV, and miles of wilderness to explore.